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A software entrepreneur from San Francisco relentlessly pursuing the Holy Grail of computer science for the better quality of life for humanity

Web Scraping in Java for Android

Background American Healthcare is a mess. While pundits are bickering about who should pay, we think that a good start would be simply for people to pay less. You shouldn’t pay a single dollar more when you can get the … Continue reading

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Web Scraping in Javascript

    Have you ever wanted to build a better version of Kayak? Or how about aggregating doctor information from various directories? Summarize websites? Stock prices coupled with companies’ news? While these applications are different in what they do, they share … Continue reading

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Enough with crawling!

How often do you hear of web crawling these days? Quite a lot, I bet. In the world where a gazillion of information is organized into websites, crawling is an essential mechanism of acquiring that data. Crawling allows you to … Continue reading

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